About Me.

As a little girl, I was extremely shy (hard to believe now). I thought I was ugly and was bullied. Reaching puberty my ears stuck out, I was goofy AND lanky – it wasn’t pretty. Fortunately for me my mother was aware of my self-loathing and made it her business to instil self-love, self-belief and self-confidence into me; a hard task but it worked, eventually. I was lucky! Not every girl has that sort of guidance.

In 1986, I moved from Yorkshire to London to follow my dream of becoming a make-up artist, and over the last 25 years I’ve travelled all over the world making up models, rock stars and even royalty. Since most models are always young I’ve basically spent years in the company of teenage girls so I must have heard every bit of teenage girl angst in the book and, I think because of my experiences growing up, I’ve been able to offer some pretty sound advice (apparently, I’m good at it!).

It was only when Issy and Tilly came into my life (my boyfriend’s teenage daughters) that I was inspired to write my very first book, the ‘Teenage Girls Survival Bible’.

I live in London with Guy, the girls and our dog, Parker.